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Translation and localization project management shouldn’t be a headache. It can be simple, streamlined and efficient.
Take a tour of our features below and find out why our users love LanguageDesk.

Your Translation Project

Setting up a new project couldn't be simpler. Create a free account, log in and you're ready to go. No complex setup, integration or training required.

To start a new project just give it a name, tell us the document type and subject matter then pick the source language and the language you want your files translated into.

Choose a deadline then upload source files and any non translatable reference files. Once you're done, submit your project to LanguageDesk and we'll return a quote.

Message Center

No more chasing emails or phone calls, with LanguageDesk all your project messages and notifications are stored in one place. You can send and receive messages from within each project which are saved so you and your team members quickly keep up to date on project progress.

You can even send emails and attachments to each LanguageDesk project. Just CC your unique LanguageDesk incoming email address and add your project number is in the subject line and all emails and attachments are saved with your project. Simple.

Asset Management

Most ongoing translation and localization efforts share a common set of assets like translation memories, glossaries, term bases and style guides. LanguageDesk includes built in asset management to ensure everyone working on your projects has access to the latest most up to date versions.

With LanguageDesk's asset management feature you can easily keep track of when your language assets were last updated and by whom. No more digging in your inbox to find a particular file version, instead everything is stored online for you and your team to access.

One more thing...

Signing up for a LanguageDesk account is completely free. You only pay per project. So why not take it for a test drive and create your first project today!

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